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It's the Birthday of

the Balloon Arch!


Did you know that the very first balloon arch was created on July 6, 1979? And did you know it was created for the one and only Cher?!?

Well, here's something else you should know...sharing a photo of your favorite balloon arch COULD win you a FREE registration to FLOAT 2022!

Here's what you need to know:

1. Anyone who does professional balloon decorating or entertaining may enter this contest. You do not have to be affiliated with the FLOAT Convention in any way to be eligible to win a prize(s).

1a. FLOAT 2022 staff, current instructors and sponsors are not eligible to enter this contest. Staff members, current instructors and sponsors may absolutely submit photos to be included as part of BalloonArchBirthday.com, but they are not eligible to win any prizes awarded in this promotion.

2. This contest is 100% free of charge to enter. No one from FLOAT will ever ask you to pay a fee to submit an entry.

3. In order you enter, you must submit ONE photo of a balloon arch that you or your company has created. It can reflect any style, any theme or color scheme you'd like. However, it MUST be balloon decor in the shape of an arch; in other words random garland placed somewhere does not count as an arch. It MUST take the form of at least a partial arch in order to count.

3a. Photo collages, video clips, graphic representations and social media links are not permitted for this contest.

3b. Each person is allowed to enter ONE TIME and one time only. Multiple entry submissions will be discarded after your first has been received, so send us your favorite arch of all time that you've created.

4. For your own protection, please make sure that your photo is appropriately branded with your company's logo or name before submitting.

5. Along with your photo submission, please include the following information:

A. Your name

B. Your company name

C. City, State and Country that you reside in

D. Your website

E. IG / Twitter / FB handles (use the @ symbol)

E. Type of event this was created for

Entries that do not include this information will not be eligible for the contest.

6. By entering this contest, please understand that you are:

A. Stating that the images used in the photo is of your own work that you or your company has created and that you have all legal rights to them.

B. You are allowing both BalloonArchBirthday.com and FLOAT the rights to (1) post these photos at BalloonArchBirthday.com along with your contact information  (2) use these photos to promote this contest and (3) to promote FLOAT and allow them to be used on FLOAT's social media platforms.

C. Release BalloonArchBirthday.com and FLOAT from responsibility should someone pilfer or use your photo without permission.

D. Allowing FLOAT, BalloonDVDs.com, One Million Bubbles and other affiliated projects with access to your email address for marketing purposes.

7. Entries MUST be submitted by email to info@floatconvention.com between the dates of June 6th and July 1st, 2021. Entries submitted after that date may still be added to the website, but will not be eligible for the contest. Submissions received through any other method or social media platform will not be eligible.

8. Photos submitted for this contest must be sent as an attachment to the email being sent to info@floatconvention.com. Do NOT send links to where the photo can be downloaded; such entries will be disregarded.

9. If this contest receives a minimum of 500 eligible entries, FLOAT will randomly choose one entrant on July 6th, 2021, and award that individual or business one (1) free registration to FLOAT 2022. Other prizes may be awarded as other potential sponsors may join in as the contest continues.

10. All eligible entries for the contest will be added to the soon-to-be updated website at www.BalloonArchBirthday.com by no later than July 3rd, 2021.

11. This contest is not based on subjective opinions of skill or talent, but rather by simply following the rules and submitting properly. The winner will be drawn at random, so literally everyone has the same chance of winning.

12. Entrants are encouraged to use the hashtag #balloonarchbirthday to help spread the word and aid in promoting balloon decorating world wide.

13. The grand prize for this contest is one (1) free registration to FLOAT 2022, should we receive enough entries. Visit the registration page at FLOATConvention.com to review what a registration includes and what it does not include. This prize does not include travel expenses, hotel accommodations, food allowances, merchandise credits, optional educational purchases, vendor credits or any other financial benefit associated beyond what is obtained with a standard registration priced at $599.00.

14. This prize is valid only for FLOAT 2022, and is not eligible for roll over options for future conventions.

15. Contest promoter reserves the right to update rules to the contest if unforeseen issues arise.


Good luck!

Click here to submit your entry!