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The Classy Column Contest





Put your talents to the test with the Conwin Column Contest. Not only might you win a valuable prize package courtesy of your friends at Conwin, but your work will also be placed front and center for all to marvel at as lobby decor at FLOAT 2022 in Chicago!

Here's how it works:

1. Submit three (3) different column concepts that showcase a range of skill and design.

2. Submit them to info@floatconvention.com before December 15th, 2021.

3. If your designs are selected, you'll get to see your works of art on display as lobby decor for FLOAT 2022! (and oh yeah....some cool prizes too!)

And now, for the fine print....

A. Submissions must be original designs in the form of a balloon column structure. Columns should be designed on structures with a solid foundation; please, no helium designs permitted.

B. Designs may be submitted as either detailed sketches or as photos of pre-conceived or constructed works.

C. All designs submitted MUST include a breakdown of materials (balloons, hardware, etc) needed to create each concept.

D. All final design elements for this contest must either adhere to (1) the central theme of FLOAT 2022, "Again, We Rise..." pertaining to the Phoenix mythical figure or (2) the primary color scheme of orange with white and black accenting. Designs should also find a way to incorporate the Conwin logo or branding in some way, whether it be through vinyl, signage or other concept.

E. All eligible entrants must be fully registered delegates for FLOAT 2022 and attending in-person at the convention. Virtual attendees, whether categorized as remote or rollover, are ineligible from entering this contest. In addition, FLOAT crew members, sponsors, sponsor representatives and current faculty members are ineligible from entering this contest.

F. All submissions MUST be received by no later than 11:59 PM Pacific time on December 15th, 2021, and must be submitted to info@floatconvention.com. Entries issued in any other format will not be accepted.

G. One (1) Grand Prize Winner will be announced by no later than December 20th, 2021. That winner will receive a prize package from Conwin which includes a credit of $1500.00 US worth of Conwin products, to be selected by the winner, as well as a featured artist in Conwin’s 2022 Designer Showcase.

H. The winning designs will be featured as lobby decor at FLOAT 2022 as part of Conwin's sponsorship of said lobby decorations. Signage will be placed in the lobby showcasing the winner's information, and special recognition will also be given during the Opening Night ceremonies at FLOAT 2022.

I. In order for the winner to collect their prize package, the winner must also oversee the construction of at least sixteen (16) columns using their designs before the start of FLOAT 2022. The winner will work in conjunction with members of the FLOATila and volunteers at the convention to construct these pieces, so assistance with labor as well as access to Conwin inflation equipment will be provided for the creation of these pieces.

J. All decor elements MUST be in place by 12:00 PM on Saturday, January 22, 2022. The winner will not be responsible for the strike of these decor elements; this will be addressed by the FLOAT crew after the convention.

K. It is imperative that since the lobby decor is being presented by Conwin, a manufacturer of inflation equipment, the winning designer should note that no one singular balloon manufacturer can be represented solely in your designs. Balloons from at least three (3) of FLOAT's balloon manufacturers should be taken into consideration when creating your design elements for this contest.

L. With the current global shortage of balloons, designers should create a "Plan B" in the event product required for your design is simply not available.

M. All entrants of this contest shall understand that in conjunction with FLOAT being an educational event, Conwin and FLOAT reserve the right to convert all design elements into instructional content, whether it be physical notes, pdf, instructional video or other forms of educational materials. Design credit will always be given to the artist responsible for designing the piece(s).

N. Contest questions should be directed to Steven Jones of FLOAT the Convention.