"FLOAT Fashion"





Show your FLOAT Pride and enter our "FLOAT Fashion Costume Contest"...it's super easy...here's all you have to do:

1. Register for FLOAT 2020 (duh!)

2. Create a costume for FLOAT's Opening Night event...the theme is entirely up to you, just make sure it has LOTS of orange! (Please note...yes, we appreciate the effort that goes into making balloon costumes and dresses, but it does not earn you extra points....sorry)


3. Come to the Opening Night event dressed in your costume and hope you get picked to be in our "FLOAT Fashion's Final Five" by our select panel of judges.

4. If you are chosen, you will go on stage to strut your stuff to show the audience just how much FLOAT Pride you have!

5. The winner will be determined by audience applause, with the winner receiving a FREE Registration to FLOAT 2022! And don't worry....if you don't win but are still selected as part of the "Final Five" you'll get a voucher for a free Bonus Class at FLOAT 2020 and a free FLOAT T-Shirt.

6. Full faculty, bonus instructors, special guests, sponsor representatives and FLOAT staff are ineligible from competing. 

7. No pre-registration or additional fee is required....just show up to FLOAT's Opening Night as a registered delegate in your costume and you're good to go!


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