FLOAT 2019 Extras DAG IG.jpg

The Designer

Awards Gala


The highlight of every FLOAT Convention is the Designer Awards Gala, also known as the DAG. This final night event is without a doubt the biggest and boldest of all of FLOAT's activities, filled with elegance, excitement and intrigue. 


It's the night where everyone puts on their finest faces and gathers together to celebrate those who took the time to compete at FLOAT's Designer Competition Series. And this year, the focus on finest takes on a whole new look!


This year's theme is "The Magical Garden" and all guests are encouraged to wear some element of green in their attire that evening. The green accent is a tribute to our friend and former FLOATer, Deborah Fellman, who passed away last year due to cancer.

While this theme inspires the ideas of costumes, FLOAT encourages all attendees to "dress to impress". Suits, gowns, cocktail dresses, jackets and even formal attire are requested...you do NOT want to be that person who shows up in a t-shirt and jeans to this one. We ask that you show the designers up for awards your utmost respect and dress accordingly.