Question: How do I order an

Academic FLOATbook?

Academic FLOATBooks for FLOAT 2020 can be purchased one of two ways:

(1) As you first sign up for the convention during the registration process

(2) By requesting an invoice through PayPal from the administrative team. Invoices are sent to the email in which you registered for the convention with.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to purchase your Academic FLOATbook in advance. While we do order additional copies for sale at the convention, they will be more expensive and will be in limited number. And when they sell out, they are simply gone. 

If you are not fully registered for FLOAT 2020, you cannot purchase an Academic FLOATbook.

As a full delegate, you may only purchase one (1) Academic FLOATbook. If you are purchasing additional copies (for example for someone else at the convention) you must provide the name(s) of the individual you are purchasing them for. If they are not registered for FLOAT 2020, you cannot purchase one for them.

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