Time is Running Out


There are only 60 spots left to attend FLOAT.....wanna get there? Better do it quickly...



Headin' Back to Saint Louey...

FLOAT returns to the St. Louis Airport Marriott for the 2015 Convention.

Well, it's finally time to share the news...yes, FLOAT is headed back to St. Louis, Missouri, for it's next installment.

There were many reasons why we chose to return to St. Louis, but the biggest reason was for you, the attendee. At our 2013 convention, we talked about the new reduced price point for FLOAT. While we did investigate other locations (and yes, in warmer climates!) the problem was the only way to be able to afford to move the convention to one of those locations was to raise prices, and we didn't want to do that. And our friends at the St. Louis Airport Marriott were willing to work with us to keep our costs down so we could pass the savings on to you. So it was a clear choice when the dust settled as it were.


And we PROMISE that NO activities will be taking place in the "pavilion" this time around! The only reason we did that before was due to scheduling issues with Twist and Shout.


And speaking of Twist and Shout, despite our best efforts, at this time it does not appear that FLOAT and Twist and Shout will be pairing up once again. Many of our attendees who went to both events last time said it was actually "too much of a good thing" in that it was too long away from their businesses and too much information to try and take in at one time.