FLOAT's Base Plates Could Be YOURS!

Each year, FLOAT orders a bunch of base plates that we use for the convention. However, we have no desire to try and store them every time, so we offer them up for sale to you....the FLOAT Delegate.


Bases are approximately 16" by 16" and weigh between 16 and 20 pounds each. They are painted and include the threaded rod as well (please note, they are NOT the ones in the image to the left....we just pulled that off line!)


We are offering the bases at only $35 each, so if you would like to secure some for yourself, here is what you do:


1. Email me at Steve@BalloonDesigners.com if you wish to purchase baseplates. Please include the amount you wish to purchase as well as your PayPal email information. And you MUST be a delegate at FLOAT 2017 in order to purchase them.


2. I will then send you an invoice for the amount you requested


3. Once the invoice is paid, your bases are officially reserved.


4. You will pick up the bases on Thursday morning before 11:30 AM at the registration desk. If you are leaving the convention early, we cannot guarantee that your bases will be ready for you to take home.


5. Anyone caught attempting to steal baseplates or any other equipment for that matter from FLOAT will be guaranteed a lifetime ban from the convention as well as any other project I have my hands in. And yeah....sadly, it happens....


6. Simply receiving the invoice is not enough to reserve your bases. We ran into this problem a lot with people registering for the convention. You MUST pay the invoice before you will get a confirmation of reservation.

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