The 2015 FLOAT Scholarship Program

No, our scholarships are not for people trying to register for FLOAT...

they're a reward program for those who attend FLOAT


We at FLOAT strive to raise money to reward our attendees for their involvement at the convention through a combination of fund-raising events. Here's how it works:


1. Funds are raised in a variety of ways:


A. Competition Entry Fees


B. Raffle Ticket Sales during FLOAT


C. Donations from Random Sources




2. As money is raised, they are dispensed in a variety of forms:


A. Free registration(s) to the next FLOAT Convention


B. Compensation of hotel expenses for the current FLOAT Convention


C. Reimbursement of Master Class fees*


D. Reimbursement of Academic FLOATBook fees*


E. Items Purchased with Money Raised from Sources


FLOAT guarantees at least one (1) complimentary registration be given away as a prize in the Scholarship Program. Any other prizes are to be determined by the amount of money raised.



3. Scholarships are dispensed in the form of a raffle. Drawing are held at Opening Night, at the Vendor Showcase and at the Designer Awards Gala. Please note that reimbursement of Master Class and FLOATbook fees are only available to those who actually purchased such items and will be drawn from a separate raffle.



4. FLOAT's executive producer reserves the right to redirect scholarship money raised through raffle tickets, t-shirt sales and donations for operation expenses should the convention be short on revenue. However, any money raised through competition entrance fees will only be used for the Scholarship Program. 



5. Scholarships are available for any full delegate at FLOAT 2015. Crew members and their families, instructors and sponsors are ineligible from receiving any benefits from the FLOAT Scholarship Program.