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For those of you who enjoy taking lots of photos at conventions, do we have something in store for you! It's the return of our FLOATography Contest!

Basic rules are as follows:

1. Anyone deemed a delegate at FLOAT is eligible to enter this competition. FLOAT staff, sponsors or faculty are not eligible, but Bonus Instructors are since they are paid delegates for FLOAT as well.

2. During the convention, take all kinds of photos of the various goings-on at the event.

3. Now that the convention has ended, you have until February 29, 2020, to get your photos in!

4. Photos should be divided up into one of three categories - Photos of people, photos of decor and general event photos.

5. Entrants may submit as many as twenty (20) photos altogether. Photos should also be listed as to which category they are being entered in. 

6. You may submit the same photo in more than one category; however, identical photos will count as separate photos. For example, if you enter one photo in all three categories, that will count as three photos submitted.

7. Submit all photos to Steve@FLOATConvention.com

8. Winners will be announced around the "Ides of March".....that's March 15th for those of you who don't know Shakespeare :)

9. Prizes are bragging rights and permanent placement in FLOAT's collective history....so please....no complaining about how you were screwed if you don't win something...



Good luck!