Question: What should I bring with me to FLOAT 2020?

While this list completely varies from person to person, here's what is considered to be the 10 essential items you need for FLOAT:

Warm clothes / outer gear - St Louis in January is NOT a warm place. At the 2019 convention, temperatures were in the single digits at one point

Business Cards / Marketing Material - Remember you are there to network as well as learn, so bring business cards or flyers with you to share.

Scissors - You can never go wrong with having a pair of scissors with you for hands-on efforts; just remember to put them in your checked luggage

Balloons - If you're into twisting, a lot of people get together for little "jam sessions" in the halls, so it's good to have some 260s at least with you if that's your thing.

Money - Many of our vendors in the showcase have items to sell right then and there, so make sure you have money to buy things with (yes, they take credit cards too). 

Portfolio - Bring along a dozen or so of your favorite photos of your work in a binder to share with others.

An empty bag - If you plan to purchase things at FLOAT, it's advisable to bring an empty duffle bag or suitcase to bring everything home. It's cheaper than going over 50 pounds in your suitcase...

Swimsuit - FLOAT's host hotel has an indoor jacuzzi that almost NO ONE uses!

Hot / Cold Drink Cup - This is essential if you plan to use the Hospitality Suite. Sometimes our sponsors provide cups for the delegates, but they are not always compatible with both cold and hot drinks. And you'll need a personal cup if you're going to take drinks out of the Suite.

Semi-Formal Attire - For FLOAT's Designer Awards Gala, you do NOT want to be the person there is shorts and a just don't....

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