Get to Know Tristen Burkholder

Check out the slide show below and learn more about one of FLOAT's production team members.
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Tristen Burkholder

Trist 'n Shout

Germantown, MD USA


Tristen Burkholder has been creating balloon art since 2005 when she was but a teenager! Growing up in an entertaining family, she worked along side her mother, Rose, for many years as a twister before coming to FLOAT. She attended the very first FLOAT convention in 2008, and while she wasn't an official staff member until 2015, she continued to come and support the team beyond the role of a regular delegate.  


Even though she began as a twister, Tristen is no stranger to the Dual-split Sizer or the Lagenda and has worked along side several distinctive decor artists over the years.




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