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2015 FLOAT Hands-On Opportunities


These hands-on programs listed below are part of your general registration to the FLOAT Convention,

which means there are no additional fees to take them!


Click here to download the FLOAT 2015 Academic and Activity Schedule



Opening Night Decor Prep - Presented by Qualatex


Saturday, January 31st and Sunday, February 1st, 2015 


Join Lisa Swiger, Jill Shortreed and Anne McGovern as they concoct and construct the decor for FLOAT's Opening Night. You'll get the chance to jump right in with them and help build various decor and accent elements which will be prominently featured in the Opening Night Kick-Off Party for FLOAT.



Large Sculpture Competitions 


Saturday, January 31st, 2015 - 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM


As the competitors bust out their best and brightest ideas, they can always use an extra set of hands with their efforts. Here's your chance to get your feet wet and help leave your mark on what could be FLOAT's award winning designs! And it's a great opportunity to learn from your peers. But remember, designers always have the right to accept or decline help, so don't be offended if you are turned away.



Foil Balloon Jam - Presented by FLOAT


Monday, February 2nd, 2015 - 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM


Imagine a room filled with all kinds of foil balloon shapes that YOU get to play with! Work in teams to create decor options, delivery ideas and interactive designs and explore balloons from multiple manufacturers as well as different ways to bond them together. This is sure to be a fun-filled event!



Designer Awards Gala Prep Party - Presented by Betallic


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 - 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM


What better way to get ready for the biggest night FLOAT has to offer than with a build party? Join Jan Iiams, Eddie Heyland and project leader Melissa Vinson as they show you the ins and outs of all their gorgeous ideas for the Designer Awards Gala. There will be groups working on table centerpieces, room and entrance decor and even an unofficial balloon drop class offered by Betallic's team member, Tommy DeLorenzo. Make sure you're there for this valuable event! And the hands-on help continues on Wednesday, February 4th, as they finish up the work!



Teacher / Class Prep 


Various Times and Dates


Have a favorite teacher who you'd like to bend their ear in a one-on-one working scenario? Then offer to be an assistant for their classroom prep! You'll be able to work along side your favorite instructor in the teacher prep room as he or she gets ready for their classes. Sure, you'll do a lot of "grunt work" but you'll also pick up tips and tricks from the top-level instructors of FLOAT that only a more intimate environment can offer.