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Guido Verhoef, CBA


Zutphen, the Netherlands


Guido Verhoef (the Netherlands) followed the European School for Performing Arts and has been actively involved in the balloon industry since 1991 as an artist, designer, teacher and producer of large scale balloon projects and shows. As producer he directed the first international balloon fashion shows of Europe (2006 Belgium), Asia (2007 China) and the USA (2008 Las Vegas). 

Among the many awards he has received include the title European Balloon Artist of the Year, first prize at Large sculpture competitions in Europe and the USA and three Lifetime Achievement awards for his dedication to the International Balloon Industry.

Guido organized in 2016 the largest fundraiser in the balloon industry with over 30 participating countries creating balloon rhinos to raise awareness against rhino poaching.  As a signature piece a 16 x 9 meter big Rhino was built in South Africa.  


In Xiamen, China, Guido organized the first World Balloon Art Festival in bringing in 48 international artists. Together with local balloon artists and volunteers they created the first balloon festival week with daily balloon shows, a daily balloon parade and a Guinness World Record balloon exhibition using a record of 365.000 balloons and attracting 350.000 visitors. In 2017 they broke another Guinness  World Record and used during the festival over 500.000 balloons.   

In the past 28 years he has produced 13 workshop DVDs, over 230 shows for Dutch National Television and more than 4500 shows and performances in six continents.

His passion is to share happiness with his art form and inspire others to use their creativity by creating large sculptures and international creative projects in cooperation with local artists.



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