Meet Kelly Sashimi

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Kelly Sashimi

Belle de Balloon Artist by Kelly Sashimi

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The balloon world's pride and joy of Malaysia, Kelly Sashimi is an incredibly talented artist. She is most notable for her signature style she refers to as "BB Floatex" (from the phrase "big balloon floating latex.") but her talents with both round and non-rounds are recognized around the world.

Kelly is often contracted to travel throughout Asia to work on large scale projects. Most recently, she was part of the "World's Largest Balloon Zoo" project in Xiamen, China, that was just recognized in March 2018 as an official Guinness World Record. 

In addition to balloons, Kelly is an accomplished musician and uses her talents as both a decorator and entertainer to expand her marketability towards her clients. She also happens to be FLOAT's first attendee from Malaysia! 




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Meet Kelly Sashimi