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Romina Finali

Vittoria Balloons Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain


Inspired by an simple gift from a balloon entertainer, Romina Finali would go from being an employee at a party store to one of the world's leading balloon artists. 

Her path to industry stardom was not an easy one, however. In 2013, she relocated to Spain with the promises of going into business with another person, only to find those promises unfulfilled. With no money and no prospects, Romina actually lived homeless for a short period of time.

But while she might not have had a lot of money, she had ample amounts of hope and perseverance. Within a short period of time, Romina had recovered from her losses and eventually opened her own balloon business, Vittoria Balloons Barcelona, now known around the world as a leading force in innovation and design.


In addition to her business, Romina produces her own convention in Spain, CEBA. Like FLOAT, BECA remains independent of any one single manufacturer in an effort to offer other balloon professionals as many creative and professional options as possible.




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