Meet the Nieves Sisters

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Genesis and Iravid Nieves, CBA

Decoraciones Globos by Nieves

Miami, Florida  USA


Over the last eight years, Genesis and Iravid Nieves have successfully started and maintained two businesses. What's even more impressive about their great success is that the two stores aren't even in the same country: one is in Caracas, Venezuela and the other in Miami, Florida, USA.


The dynamic charisma of these Venezuelan sisters is revolutionizing the Latin and American market. Their social media, which includes YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, has attracted attention from hundreds of thousands of followers. Each outlet showcases their passion for balloons, and demonstrates their innovation in creating inspiring styles for fellow entrepreneurs who seek to start their own business.


As the creators of the wonderful Big Balloons Bouquets, as well as incredible sets of artistic decorations with balloons, they are known for their innovation and ingenuity in this market.




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