As of April 18, 2018, we still have six full faculty instructors to announce as part of the academic lineup for FLOAT 2019. So we thought we'd have a little fun with this and give YOU the chance to try and see just how lucky you are!

Here's how it works:

1. Click here to download the official lottery ticket / entry form for the FLOAT Power Ball Jackpot

2. Select the instructors who you think the different sponsors are going to choose to represent them and teach at

FLOAT 2019. They will be divided up as follows:

TWO (2) Qualatex Instructors

ONE (1) Betallic Instructor

TWO (2) Gemar Instructors

ONE (1) FLOAT Power Ball Instructor

3. Scan and email your entry form to before 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, April 22 to be entered.


If you score the best out of everyone else, you'll get a FREE Master Class at FLOAT 2019...and yes, you get to choose the class!

Eligibility Rules and Scoring

A. In order to be eligible, you MUST be a fully registered delegate for FLOAT 2019 on or before 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, May 22, 2018. Partially paid delegates with outstanding balances are not eligible unless that balance is paid in full before 11:59 PM Pacific time on Sunday, May 22, 2018.


B. All eligible entries must be completed on the official form and submitted before the before mentioned deadline. 

C. While exact spelling isn't a requirement for people's names, selections MUST match the manufacturer sponsor in order to count. In other words, naming an instructor who is teaching but having them listed with the wrong manufacturer would not be counted.

D. Only instructors not announced prior to April 18, 2018, are eligible for this contest. So no, you cannot list people we already announced and expect to get points for them.

E. Scoring goes as follows:

(1) You get two points for choosing each correct Qualatex, Betallic and Gemar instructor

(2) You get five points for choosing the correct FLOAT Power Ball instructor

(3) IF you have chosen the correct Power Ball instructor, you also get double points for every regular instructor you picked correctly.

F. Only one entry per registered delegate.

G. In the event of a tie for the highest score between more than one delegate, the winner will be chosen at random from all of the eligible names involved in the tie.

H. Prize may not be exchanged for cash, transferred, sold, applied towards other purchases at FLOAT 2019 or extended beyond FLOAT 2019. 

I. FLOAT staff, instructors, sponsors, vendors, staff volunteers and anyone deemed to possibly have "inside information" will be ineligible from entering this competition.

J. By entering this competition, you give FLOAT the right to use your name, face, business name and the like in their promotions for both this competition and the convention in general. 

Good luck....and play responsibly ;)

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