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FLOAT has always offered pre-convention activities, but this year it's gone to a whole new level. So be sure to join us for FLOAT's first official "Pre-Funk" on Saturday, January 25th. 


Activities are as follows:


CBA Testing - Presented by Qualatex

Once again, our friends from Qualatex will offer the CBA test at FLOAT 2020. Of course, you must qualify to take the exam. Contact Pioneer Balloon Company if you are interested in taking the exam. Just remember that you MUST be registered for FLOAT 2020 in order to take the exam. 



Designer of the Year Competitions

Who will be declared FLOAT's Designer of the Year? Well, it could be YOU! But in order to do that, you have to enter at least three of our five Designer of the Year competitions. And three of them are offered during our Pre-Funk Festivities! And the best part is there is NO CHARGE to you to enter any of these competitions, but you MUST be registered for FLOAT in order to compete. Don't want to compete yourself? Then join a design team and offer to be a crew member! Click this link to learn more about FLOAT's designer competitions


Master Classes - Presented by FLOAT and Betallic

Want some added educational opportunities? Then consider taking one of two Master Classes being offered on Saturday, January 25th. Four hour long Master Classes are being offered by Patty Sorell, CBA, and Johnathon Gerber if you're looking for more valuable knowledge! But remember, you MUST be registered for FLOAT 2020 in order to take either of these classes. Click here to learn more about the Master Classes being offered at FLOAT. 

Club L8X - Presented by Gemar Balloons


Our "Pre-Funk" celebration will climax on Saturday, January 25th, with the return of our karaoke party, but this time it has an all new twist. "Club L8X" will feature elaborate and exclusive decorations, provided by our friends at Gemar Balloons. It will also feature both karaoke tunes and line dances as well as the rumored exclusive appearance of an elusive club DJ. But dress to impress....our bouncers will be on "taste patrol" to make sure you've got what it takes to get in....And the best part? This activity is FREE to all fully registered delegates to FLOAT 2020!