Academic "FLOATBook"  Class Notebook

Academic "FLOATBook" Class Notebook


This is a MUST HAVE for every FLOAT attendee…this notebook contains ALL of the class notes for ALL of the regular class sessions at FLOAT 2019. So this way you can still get information on classes you are unable to attend! It's vital to your overall success both during and after FLOAT.


PLEASE NOTE: This item is ONLY available to those people registered for the 2019 FLOAT Convention. If you purchase this item and are not registered for FLOAT 2019, your order will be refunded immediately. Under no circumstances will this item be for sale to anyone not registered for FLOAT 2019.




ALSO NOTE: The Academic FLOATBook only contains the class notes for the 24 general class sessions at FLOAT 2019. Class notes for all Master and Bonus Classes are only available to those individuals who are enrolled in them (additional fees required for those classes)

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    Orders MUST be placed on or before January 10th, 2019.

    Pre-orders only - No walk-in purchases at the convention

    Academic FLOATBooks do NOT contain class notes from Master or Bonus Classes. Notes for those classes are provided in class only to those who pay the extra admission fee to attend them.

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