Lagenda B231"Baby" Inflator V 3.0

Lagenda B231"Baby" Inflator V 3.0

$145.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price

YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED DELEGATE AT FLOAT 2020 TO PURCHASE THIS EQUIPMENT. If you not registered with FLOAT 2020, your sale will be negated and your money refunded to you.


This inflator has a built-in rechargable battery for convenient options AND is perfect for non-round inflation, even 160s!


    All equipment sold at discount at FLOAT 2020 is done so with the understanding that it will be used at the convention prior to it's release. Delegates should know that they by purchasing this equipment, you will be buying USED EQUIPMENT it after it has been slightly put to work for the duration of the convention, but in full working order. No refunds will be honored to those individuals who "didn't know" it was used gear.


    You understand that this equipment is purchased AS IS. Yes, we will absolutely allow you to fully test any equipment you purchase before you take it home from FLOAT, but understand that once it's out the door, it's yours. In addition, there are no refunds permitted on these sale prices, so be absolutely certain you want the gear before you buy it.

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