"Linking Sculptures 101" with Steven Jones

"Linking Sculptures 101" with Steven Jones


With so many people trying to set themselves apart from the recent tidal wave of newbies into the balloon world, the interest in linking balloon sculpting has gone through the roof! And now, FLOAT's own Steven Jones will guide you through how he creates medium to large scale linking balloon sculpture pieces.


During the course of this class, Steven will showcase not only the various techniques he uses to create dynamic pieces, but he will also showcase some examples of previous works and show you the steps that were taken to create them, from concept to completion.


This will be a virtual class taught through Zoom conferencing. As such, some audio and video glitches are to be expected as a result of the recording medium involved.


This class is limited ONLY to those balloon professionals who (A) attended FLOAT 2020, (B) are pre-registered for FLOAT 2022 or (C) took part in any of the three One Million Bubbles projects back in March, April and May.


PLEASE NOTE: No specific recipes are going to be taught in this class. This course is about techniques that will allow you to create other designs.