Remote Upgrade to All Twenty (20) Classes

Remote Upgrade to All Twenty (20) Classes


When you registered for Virtual FLOAT, you were able to select ten classes, but you were limited as to which ones you got to choose per session. Would you like more freedom than that?


Then consider upgrading your existing registration! For only $100 US, you'll be able to access ALL twenty (20) classes during FLOAT's streaming access, starting April 16th.




1. These classes are available for unlimited streaming access from April 16th through May 31st, 2022. After that, you will no longer have access to any of these streamed classes as they will convert to a download option only. In other words, you will not have unlimited and forever access to these classes; this was never promised in the original registration when you initially signed up for Virtual FLOAT 2022, and it's not being offered now.


2. This price does not entitle you to receive downloaded access to these classes after the streaming period has ended. If you wish to keep permanent copies of a class(es) after the streaming period has ended, you will have to purchase these classes as downloads.