Safety Station Sponsorship

Safety Station Sponsorship


In an effort to both keep the FLOAT Family safe and to provide peace of mind during these unsettling times, we will have fifteen (15) "Safety Stations" throughout the convention space in 2022. These battery-powered, motion activated dispensers will be placed throughout FLOAT's hallways as well as the Vendor Showcase so that you can help keep yourself safe against COVID-19.


Companies or individuals who wish to sponsor a Safety Station will see their logo, name or branding placed prominently on the 8" by 8" sign board on top of the unit (this sign space is part of the dispenser itself and not an add-on by us). And the best part is when the convention is over, you will have the option to claim it for yourself and take it home!**


And yes, you can select which spot your Safety Station will be featured in! Please contact for a map of locations available at this time.


** The cost of sponsorship does not include the FLOAT staff breaking the unit back down and shipping it to your location. We can provide this service at an additional cost, but sponsors should note that if they are unable to carry the item home in it's assembled state, they will need to address the added time and cost it will take to disassemble, package and ship the item.