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Shipping Stuff



Here's some important information you will need in order to get your gear to FLOAT's host hotel, the St. Louis Airport Marriott.


I want to include things in the FLOAT Totes....when do they need to be in St. Louis?



My crew will be stuffing the tote bags on Friday evening, January 27th, so whatever you want to include in the totes needs to arrive no later than the MORNING of Friday, January 27th.


HOWEVER, THEY CANNOT ARRIVE BEFORE JANUARY 25TH OR THE HOTEL MAY REJECT THEM! Our host hotel just doesn't have the kind of room to hold lots and lots of shipped items.



I am shipping balloons to the hotel...when do they need to be there?


Considering that competitions begin on Saturday, January 28th, you will want them to arrive NO EARLIER THAN JANUARY 25TH AND NO LATER THAN JANUARY 27TH.


Keep in mind, we still need to be able to do lobby decor and the like as well, so all balloons need to be at the hotel by Friday at the latest please.



I am shipping items for my booth....you know the rest....



Here you have a little more sway as it were. Since set up for the Vendor Showcase does not begin until Monday, January 30th, you can have your items arrive on or before that Monday. But keep in mind, if it gets delayed or rerouted somehow....well, you know.....



Where do I ship my items to FLOAT?



If you are shipping balloons or items for the tote bags, please use the following address and labeling:


Marriott St. Louis Airport

10700 Pear Tree Lane

St. Louis, MO  63134

Attn:  FLOAT Convention / Steven Jones



If you are shipping items for the Vendor Showcase or Hospitality Suite, please use the following address and labeling:


Marriott St. Louis Airport

10700 Pear Tree Lane

St. Louis, MO  63134

Attn:  FLOAT Convention / Vendor Room




We're just submitting a flyer to go in the tote bags....can we just email you a file and have you print them?


No, sorry....you'll need to either print the items yourself and ship them along or have them printed locally and have them delivered to the hotel.


We actually have a relationship with a local UPS Store who is doing all of our printing for the convention. Feel free to email them by clicking here and they can do your printing and deliver them to the host hotel at no additional charge to you.





Are there additional fees charged by the hotel to receive packages like in major convention cities? Or Union issues?


Nope....just one more reason why we don't want to go to a major convention city. :)




What about shipping things home?


The host hotel does not have a business center (the only real drawback for me) and as such, they cannot provide shipping services. However, as mentioned previously, we have a working relationship with a local UPS Store, so if your boxes are marked and labeled properly, we can have them picked up and shipped home to you that way.


As for Fed Ex, you will need to make arrangements to have the package picked up at the host hotel once properly packaged and labeled.




My question isn't covered here....where do I go?


Drop me an email at Steve@BalloonDesigners.com and we'll get back to you.