FLOAT's Top Ten Most Memorable Moments - Honorable Mention

"Almost, Anne...."

The 2013 convention was a great time for all, and it was a first for FLOAT in the Designer of the Year, Rob Balchunas. It was the first time a male designer won the coveted award as well as the first time an artist who works predominantly as an entertainer took the decor top spot. But with no disrespect to Rob or his accomplishments, it could have very easily been the year Anne McGovern, CBA, took home the title.

The Designer of the Year competition combines the scores from three different design challenges: Entrance Decor, Live Table Centerpiece and Large Sculpture. In 2013, Anne McGovern decided to only enter two of them, choosing not to enter the Large Sculpture competition. Who would have known what a decision this turned out to be.

What Anne didn't realize at the time was that not only would she do well in both Entrance and Centerpiece, but she would do EXTREMELY well. In fact, in both events she recorded some of the highest overall scores ever attained by a competitor at FLOAT in those two competitions. With this in mind, all Anne needed to do was simply enter the Large Sculpture competition with a design that scored only a bare minimum of points and she would have taken home the DOTY honors.

But alas, Anne did not enter the Large Sculpture competition, which gave her a score of zero in that event. As such, with only two eligible competitions to pull scores from, her overall tallies were just shy of securing her the top spot. As such, Rob Balchunas, who had entered all three competitions, scored higher overall and was thus awarded the top honors in 2013.

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