FLOAT's Top Ten Most Memorable Moments - #10

"Tutus for You, Too"

In an effort to expand on our educational offerings, in 2009 FLOAT offered its very first four-hour Master Class. At that time, the Master Class was included as part of the registration, so nearly 125 people packed into the main ballroom at the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati. And who better to teach the class than Betallic's dynamic duo of Guido Verhoef, CBA, and Bidou?

Everyone waited patiently for the class to begin as the lights grew dim. Soft music filled the air and before you knew it, the evening had begun, but with one small distinction....the two entered the room dancing ballet and wearing tutus! Of course, it was all part of a comedy bit to begin their class, but it brought the house down as an absolute roar of laughter rocked the hotel that evening.

All kidding aside, however, this particular Master Class brought about a great number of changes at future FLOATs. From a student perspective, it showed there was absolutely a desire for additional educational opportunities at the convention, and the Master Class program was expanded to multiple classes per year. However, it had a much larger impact on the instructors. You see, not 24 hours later after teaching this exhausting class, Guido and Bidou had ALSO been selected to design the decor for the then Final Night Dinner (now known as the Designer Awards Gala). This brutal work schedule shined light on how FLOAT could better offer these Master Classes so that they didn't interfere with other important activities. It also led the way, at least in part, to the slimming down of academic responsibilities for the lead designer of the DAG so he or she has more time to focus on making FLOAT's final event fabulous.

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