FLOAT's Top Ten Most Memorable Moments - #4

"Talk About Close...Part One"

For many, a good deal of FLOAT's excitement comes from the Designer Competitions, so it shouldn't surprise you that of our remaining four entries on the countdown, three of them involve such contests at FLOAT. The level of competition has always been downright brutal at times, and it started right off the bat in 2008 with a doozy that has yet to be repeated at FLOAT.

Without a doubt, the most difficult competition at FLOAT has to be Live Table Centerpiece, if not due to the number of people who enter as well as quality of competitors. And often times, winners and losers in this event are divided by only a couple of points.

But in 2008, FLOAT experienced it's first and only (to date) three way tie! That's right, three different designers, Kim Mitchell, Tammy Corzine and Cindy Derrick, received exactly the same score from the judges, which gave us a three way tie for Third Place in Live Table Centerpiece.

Now many of you would think, "No problem...just give away three prizes!" but that's not how we roll. FLOAT anticipated this potential pitfall when creating the competition rules and established a tie-breaker device that almost everyone agrees is a fair and valid way of determining the winner. You see, entries are not only tracked by the scores they receive from the judges but also by the order in which they are turned in. As people finish their pieces, their entry is given a number based on when they finished; the first to complete gets #1, the second #2 and so on. In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by which of the two entries (or three in this case) was completed faster. So if the entries in question score exactly the same, but one is done more efficiently based on time, it is declared the winner.

In that case, the tie was broken by placement, and because she turned her entry in literally moments before the other two competitors, Kim Mitchell's entry was declared the Third Place winner.

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