FLOAT's Top Ten Most Memorable Moments - #3

"Talk About Close...Part Two"

In our last installment, we talked about the famous three-way tie in 2008. This one wasn't exactly a tie situation, but it does also include FLOAT Founding Member Tammy Corzine.

At FLOAT 2010, we had four designers eligible for Designer of the Year, and this time around, drama and suspense was abound! First of all, FLOAT had a record number of penalties handed out in the Entrance Decor competition which absolutely played havoc with the scoring. In addition, the Large Sculpture competition was plagued with missing product, as a shipping error resulted in one of our latex sponsors finding an entire skid of balloons headed for FLOAT still on their back dock the night before the competition! And the Table Centerpiece competition saw a record number of competitors, with many designers acting as "spoilers", hoping to score points themselves but ultimately affecting the four DOTY candidates.

But in the end, two of the four pulled ahead: seasoned veteran Tammy Corzine and relative newcomer Blake Smith. The scores were tallied, and then retallied and retallied again JUST to make sure. While it wasn't exactly a tie, the difference between these two competitors for the Designer of the Year Award? Just two points....

In the big scheme of things, two points is practically a tie when you're looking at an overall score of 450 possible. But as you know, in competition, there IS a difference when it's two points. In the end, Tammy Corzine came out on top, just barely beating out Blake for top honors.

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