FLOAT's Top Ten Most Memorable Moments - #2

"Some Things are Better Broken"

One of FLOAT's most significant and memorable moments actually took place about nine months BEFORE a FLOAT Convention took place if you can believe that. And in fact, it wasn't all that long ago.

While FLOAT has always remained a small convention, it's numbers never really got much higher than 120 over the years. Yes, there were teachers and sponsors and staff involved, but when you look at the number of actual paying attendees, the most FLOAT ever had was 121 people, a figure it reached in 2010.

So imagine our surprise this year back in May when we realized that FLOAT 2015 was about to secure it's 122nd delegate for the year! Yep, Dena Atchley took on the honor as the first FLOAT delegate officially over 121 earlier this year! And of course, the best part was we were still nine months away from the start of the convention!

Now of course, it should be noted that with the registration price drop in 2014, FLOAT HAD to break their attendance record just in order to break even! But to eclipse this record nine months before the convention would be a huge boost of support for the little convention that could.

And now, FLOAT is proud to be on the verge of eclipsing another record....the 200 delegate mark. Any day now....

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