FLOAT's 300-Person Cap....What Does That Mean to You?

On November 4, 2014, FLOAT reached a new plateau in our history....the elusive 200th person paid to register at our "little convention that could". But once we started doing the numbers with staff and teachers and sponsors, we realized in actuality we had about 240 coming so far, and we're still three months away from the big day!

So on November 5th, we made a decision to cap the convention at 300 people. Bottom line is we don't want FLOAT to grow too quickly. We don't have a staff of 50 people to handle hundreds and hundreds of folks and we pride ourselves on being a smaller event with more personalized attention from teachers. We can't do that with too many people about.

What does that mean to you? Well, that depends....are you registered yet or not? If you're registered for FLOAT, it means you're part of a fairly exclusive group now. If not, it means your time is running out.

I know some of you have questions....let me see if I can expand on some of them in advance...

Question - What constitutes a "person"? Will it be 300 paid attendees or 300 people in general at FLOAT?

Answer - Right now, it means "people", which includes teachers, sponsors and crew as well as students. Look, we have to manage EVERYONE while at FLOAT, so for now, the 300-person limit applies to anyone planning on wearing a badge to attend FLOAT.

Question - What happens if you actually sell out FLOAT and I haven't signed up yet?

Answer - All hope is not lost yet. We will start taking a waiting list to make sure everyone signed up can get in if room presents itself. It will be on a first come / first served basis as spaces open up.

Question - So does this mean I'm also competing with others sponsors as well for a space? In other words, if someone comes on board to sponsor FLOAT and they're not coming as a student, does that still take up a spot?

Answer - Yep, it does. And since most sponsors come with multiple people.....well, do the math....

Question - Will there be a priority over who gets to come to FLOAT? Will people paying a higher rate of $399.00 get priority over international delegates only paying $300.00 for example?

Answer - Nope. It's first come / first served, so if sixty international people sign up before sixty domestic attendees do, they get the spots.

Question - What about Day Pass people? Are they considered part of the 300?

Answer - No. Considering that IF we get day pass people, they always amount to less than a handful, so it won't affect the overall outcome.

Question - So then can I just buy three Day Passes for FLOAT and bypass the system that way?

Answer - Sure you can, but you don't get access to the Designer Awards Gala (which would require an additional ticket of $99.00) and you'd end up paying a lot more for the convention. But at least you'd be there....

OK, there are some thoughts about FLOAT's 300 in 2015. Decide for yourself and choose your fate wisely..... :)



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