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FLOAT's Social Events


Club L8X


Part of FLOAT's "pre-funk", there's no better place to get funky than at Club L8X! FLOAT's own karaoke and dance party, scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd, your invite is free as long as you're a fully registered delegate at FLOAT 2022.

Hosted by FLOAT's own KJ, Aphrodite Gonzalez, you'll be able to either take the stage and sign your heart out or just hang in the crowd and post the lunacy for all to see!

As a precaution for COVID-19, all singers at Club L8X will need to be masked when they perform and must remain on the performance stage within designated spaces.

Club L8X is presented in part by our friends at Balloonia Balloons.


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Opening Night


FLOAT always kicks off the festivities formally with an Opening Night welcome celebration, and this year will be no different....ok, well it might be a LITTLE different, but the same excitement and feeling will be there!

The night will feature all kinds of fun, information and frivolity as we welcome everyone to the convention. And you'll be dazzled by the decor provided by a team lead by Tommy and Scott DeLorenzo, CBAs.

As a precaution for COVID-19, it may be necessary to schedule two different Opening Night celebrations at FLOAT, one after the other, after the room has been properly prepared for new guests. You will be notified at registration as to which session to will be scheduled for.

Opening Night is presented in part by our friends at Betallic.


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The Beach Party


A first for 2022, FLOAT will whisk you away from the cold winters of Chicago to a tropical sand-covered beach somewhere in the lands of latex. This new annual tradition kicks off this January at the FLOAT Beach Party!

The night will feature thumping beats from our own DJ Tgro, a cash bar and fabulous decorations designed by Alisson Vasconcelos and Lia Leottau.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: More than likely, it will not be possible at this event for people to properly socially distance. All participants should be aware of this before attending. All efforts will be made to provide some elements of social distancing, but in the end you should be aware of this.

The Beach Party is presented in part by our friends at Gemar.


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FLOAT sends you off in style with our Designer Awards Gala. There we will honor those who put their reputations on the line to compete as well as recognize industry leaders for their service to us all.

The night features semi-formal attire, portfolio-changing moments and what is sure to be amazing decor provided by Federico Onida, CBA, and Carolyn Truby, CBA.

As a precaution for COVID-19, tables will be set for no more than seven (7) seats. All seating at the DAG must be pre-scheduled, and no guests will be permitted this year because of the pandemic.

The Designer Awards Gala is presented in part by our friends at Qualatex.