Question: Are there any limitations to what I can do on printed materials??

Yes, and this is a BIG thing...

As a vendor at FLOAT, you are not allowed to PROMOTE any produced line of balloons that are not sponsors of the convention. This means that you cannot promote any balloon manufacturer company on your printed materials (including your ad in the Convention Guide) that is not a sponsor at FLOAT.


Marketing materials include but are not limited to:


Flyers to go in the Welcome Totes

Flyers to hand out in your booth

Banners or signage used in your booth

Wearing of branded clothing in your booth

Your ads in the Convention Guide

Posts in the FLOAT Facebook group

Vendors who submit printed materials who violate this rule will be asked to change the materials or they will have to be omitted from promotional opportunities at FLOAT.

Any other violations will be addressed and you will be asked to remove such material.

Now, please keep in mind, this does NOT mean you cannot sell other brands of balloons in your booth at FLOAT. You simply cannot promote the fact that you are selling them. For example, no one says you cannot sell Joe Blow Balloons in your booth, but you cannot put up a sign that says "Joe Blow Balloons"....make sense?


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