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Question: Can I serve food in the Hospitality Suite?

Yes, you can. In fact, it's encouraged! It's a proven fact that sponsors who offer up snacks or meals during their Hospitality Suite spot get a larger turn-out of attendees as opposed to those who simply offer up what is already being offered there.

However, it is VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that we have VERY STRICT guidelines with how we can handle food distribution in the Hospitality Suite:

1. Please do not offer any food items that you intend for them to take with them. FOOD CANNOT LEAVE THE ROOM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

2. If you will be providing food items, be sure to bring disposable plates and utensils (should they need them). While FLOAT does provide napkins, we do not provide other items such as those.

3. Please be discrete about bringing outside food into the hotel. While they are aware we are doing this, its absolutely against their catering policies, so please be respectful and try to minimize exposure of bringing outside food into the hotel.

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