So You Want to

Teach at FLOAT?

It's more than just a free pass to a convention...

So you want to teach at the only convention in the US for the career balloon decorator? Well, we have a few things for you to consider before throwing your name in the hat.


Here's what is expected of our instructors at FLOAT:


1. You should be a career balloon professional, which means you should have at least five (5) years of experience working in the world of balloon decor. Exceptions are made from time to time based on what it is you have to offer, but for the most part, time always tells.


2. We need at least two (2) different class offerings from you, and PLEASE don't contact us asking what you would like us to have you teach! If we have an interest in you teaching a specific class, we'll be approaching you about it. We want to know what you prefer to teach, because you tend to go with your strengths.


3. Remember that this is a DECORATOR convention. Yes, there are always non-round needs in the decor world, but we don't need 15 different entertainer instructors offering Intro to Twisting. So if your focus is not on decor, please consider applying to teach at a different convention.


4. You understand that you will be expected to supply at least three pages of class notes for each class you are selected to teach...NO EXCEPTIONS.


5. You will be required to be in attendance at the event from Sunday, February 1st through Thursday, February 5th, 2015. Please do not ask to come late or leave early (or both).


6. Instructors are required to put in a minimum of five (5) hours of labor on the Designer Awards Gala decor, regardless of their particular brand affiliation. I understand that you may be a "Qualatex person" or a "Betallic Rock Star" but the DAG is about a team effort, no matter which company is providing the balloons for it.



If you are chosen to be an instructor at FLOAT, here is what you can expect to receive*:


A. Complimentary airfare / mileage reimbursement (up to $400.00)


B. Complimentary hotel accomodations from Sunday, February 1st, through Wednesday, February 4th, with check out on Thursday, February 5th, 2015.


C. Complimentary access to the convention and all Master Classes


D. Complimentary copy of the Academic FLOATBook


E. A stipend of $650.00 with bonus opportunities based on attendance.


F. Complimentary FLOAT polo to wear as an instructor


G. Complimentary shuttle service to and from Lambert Field (OK, that's by the hotel, but still, it's a perk :)  )



A few things to keep in mind:


1. We are very limited on how many teachers we can take at this time, and many of them have already been selected, so there may only be one or two spots available at this time.


2. Selection priority is given to those individuals who have supported FLOAT in the past, either as an attendee or sponsor. While it is not a steadfast rule, it is absolutely taken into account when we select instructors.


3. If you are chosen as an instructor and you have already put down a deposit for the 2015 event, yes, you will be refunded :)



Interested? Contact Steve Jones by February 22, 2015 at


*Some compensation packages will vary based on sponsorship. Ask Steve for specific details.