The FLOAT 2019 Scholarship Campaign


So, you're attending FLOAT 2017 and you'd like to hit 2019 for free eh? Well, here's how you can do it!


1. Enter our FLOATEE Contest


2. Enter one of the Design Competitions






Purchase Raffle Tickets during FLOAT 2017!



Here's how the money is raised for the scholarship fund:


1. FLOATEE entry fees - $5 each


2. Design Competitions with entry fees


3. T-Shirt pre-sales - $5 added on per shirt


4. Raffle Tickets - nuff said



Then for every $300 raised into the scholarship fund, FLOAT will give away a FREE registration for 2019!


AND heres a BONUS!


For those of you who bought a t-shirt in advance or entered the FLOATEE or Designer Competitions, you will get an EXCLUSIVE chance to win a free registration for FLOAT 2019.


All you need to do is be ONE of those three things and you're eligible for the exclusive giveaway. All the raffle tickets in the world won't get someone entered on this one, so HURRY! Contest deadlines are January 7th and the t-shirt deadline is January 10th!



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