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Discover the Foundation of FLOAT

FLOAT could not exist with the hard work and dedication of it's instructors, production crew, sponsors and volunteers.

Here is your chance to meet them all!

Career Guided


In surveys, the number one reason why people go to balloon conventions is to learn, learn, LEARN! That's why we at FLOAT strive to bring in top talent from successful businesses, people who do work with balloons every day and can answer all of your questions from a perspective you can relate to and understand.


2022 FLOAT Instructors Coming Soon!

Production Crew

Putting together a balloon convention is a LOT more difficult than one would think (and that's just from the hotel's perspective!) It takes a small army of hard-working and dedicated people to bring FLOAT to life. Here's your chance to meet them!


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Without our incredible sponsors, FLOAT just couldn't happen. It's far more than just bringing along balloons; they help bring instructors, supplies, knowledge and more! So please take a moment to meet the generous companies that help make FLOAT possible.


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