The 2020 FLOAT Excellence in Event Decor

(Or "FLOATEE") Awards




So maybe you've got mad design skills, but you HATE the idea of competing under pressure. Then this series of competitions will be right up your alley!



Thank you to everyone who entered!

Find out who won at FLOAT's Opening Night

on Sunday, January 26th

FLOAT is proud to announce a competition series that allows even the shyest of competitors the chance to shine....the FLOAT Excellence in Event Decor Awards...or FLOATEEs. This photo submission contest will allow competitors to submit work from their every day clients and be recognized for their skills in front of their peers.


This year's categories for the FLOATEES:

Arch Design - One Photo                

Column Design - One Photo                

Helium Arrangement (Bouquet) - One Photo    

Table Centerpiece - One Photo                

Buffet Centerpiece - One Photo            

Delivery Piece - One Photo                

Backdrop, Wall or Mural - One Photo            

Ceiling Decor - One Photo                

Dance Floor Decor - One Photo            

Entrance Decor - One Photo                

Linking Balloon Decor - One Photo            

Deco-Twisting Decor - One Photo

Sculpture (Round Balloon) - One Photo

Sculpture (Non-Round) - One Photo

Sculpture (Linking) - One Photo

Organic Decor - One Photo

Foil Decor - One Photo

Fantasy Flower - One Photo

Mixed Media - One Photo

Lighting Effects - One Photo

Photo Op - One Photo

Baby Shower / Gender Reveal - Five Photos

Wedding / Bridal - Five Photos

Milestone Celebration - Five Photos

Teen Event - Five Photos

Corporate Event - Five Photos

Non-Profit Event - Five Photos

Parade or Festival - Five Photos

Themed Decor - Holiday - Five Photos

Themed Decor - Other - Five Photos

Best Overall under $10K - Five Photos 

Best Overall over $10K - Five Photos

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