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Wanna Teach at FLOAT 2020?


With FLOAT 2020 right around the corner (convention wise, it really kind of is) we need to start looking at who is going to lead our academic team for the upcoming convention. 

So if you think you have something unique to offer at FLOAT 2020, we'd love to hear from you.

Let's lay out a few ground rules before we begin:

1. READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS BEFORE YOU REPLY TO ANYTHING! (You HAVE to be able to show me you can follow direction if you want to be considered....)

2. All correspondences for this should be sent to Steve@FLOATConvention.com. Please do not text me, Facebook IM me, Instagram me....send me an email at the listed address above with your inquiries.

3. Understand that if you are selected to be a full faculty instructor at FLOAT 2020, you must be in attendance at the convention from AT MINIMUM Sunday, January 26, through Thursday morning, January 30th. 

4. In order to be considered to be an instructor presented by FLOAT, you MUST be a full-time balloon professional. While I do understand that there are many of you out there doing really great work in your part-time venture, we are looking for professionals who's livelihood and essential survival are based on selling balloons on a daily basis.

5. You cannot be considered what we refer to as a "professional instructor". In other words, if your income is dependent on teaching people how to do balloons or run a balloon business, you are ineligible from teaching at FLOAT. This does not mean you can't teach balloons somewhere (After all, that's what we're asking you to do) but it should only supplement your income, not be the bulk of it. 

6. You need to submit a minimum of three (3) class ideas. Please make sure that your class ideas include a description of what it is you're going to be presenting. In other words, don't send a something that says, "Arches....twisting....business....." That simply doesn't help.

7. FLOAT is a decorator convention, so keep that in mind when presenting your class ideas. Your subject matter should appeal to a balloon decorator. 

8. Please do not offer to teach a beginner level / intro to twisting class. We have already had FIVE people offer that since the last FLOAT....I think we can have this one covered should we need it. 

9. Know that you are in the running for one of THREE spots at this time. Our sponsors choose a large percentage of the faculty at FLOAT, and we only have three actual teaching positions that we solely choose ourselves. But we are always on the look out for new ideas and strong talent. Also keep in mind that if there's not room with our specific teacher selection, we can still recommend you to a sponsor if that is something that interests you. And there's always a bonus class option, but that will be discussed privately should that be considered.

10. Anyone interested in teaching at FLOAT 2020 needs to submit their request to Steve@FLOATConvention.com by no later than March 15th. 

Keep in mind, there has already been some buzzing going on behind the scenes and SOME of the instructors for FLOAT have already been selected by our sponsors. We will begin announcing them as their individual contracts and arrangements have been completed and their sponsors are satisfied all loose ends have been secured. But believe me...there's always a chance you too could get tapped :)

OK, thank you all.....let's see what you've got!